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    Interim management solutions for international business development, takeovers or restructuring. (500+ candidates) FAQ


When to use interim management for international business development for a specific exportmarket?
- Developing a new market from scratch is best to be executed with people that understand local business circumstances. Being aware of the do's and don'ts beforehand without reinventing the wheel, is saving you time and money. A business development project being executed through an interim export manager is a quick start to further international business growth.

When to use interim management for an international acquistion or partnership?
- By integrating a takeover (eg. your international distributor), setting up a joint venture or any other local venture, you are confronted with a transition period and you also have to deal with different cultures. Using an internationalexperienced interim manager, who knows your business and these markets as well, can contribute to your succes.

What are the advantages to use our interim management solutions?
- Possibility of a direct contract between your company and the assigned interim manager.
- Optimal flexibility of continuation at no extra costs.
- Instant knowhow available of your buisness and potential customers for almost every market segment.
- Permanent knowledge transfer from interim level to your own organization.
- Signed NDA included in any contract upfront.
- Using ExportConnect international network of 500+ European interim managers.

What is our WOW?
-  Together we define a clear specified assignment of the interim manager.
-  Therefore define clear profile needs, responsibilities and kpi's.
-  Agree on an intial assignment period (usually a minimum of six months).
-  Pre-negotiation support on costs and fee's with the relevant candidate.
-  Select and match the best possibility of hiring an interim (export) manager.
-  Select candidates with business sector experience and specific market knowlegde.
-  Mediate a clear contract proposal on your behalf.
-  Providing a reality check on previous interim assignmentsof deisgnated interim candidate.

Can you give examples of designated interim management selections?

1. Australian food prodcuer to export to France & Germany (retail)
Profile of interim sales manager for this export:
- has a background in retail food (fmcg) relevant category.
- speaks French &  German; understands local culture.
- has fmcg retail personal experience and business contacts with French & German key accounts.

2. USA producer of packaging machine equipment opens a European Representative office
Profile of interim (sales) manager for this busienss development approach:
- has a background in packaging machinery industry or suppliers/customer chain.
- speaks English and understands local B2B business structures.
- has B2B  business contacts on account /agent level in the packaging industry.
- knows how to install and manage a local rep office.

3. Canadian producer of agricultural products wants to expand in Europe
Profile of interim manager for this export strategy:
- has a background in agriculutural products or agriculural technology.
- speaks English and understands how to setup a local sales & marketing structure in Europe.
- has European business contacts in this sector.